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Introduce beauty salon is a pioneer in beauty technologies to comprehensively meet the quality of service for customers to use.

Beauty demand is constantly increasing and blooming in recent times, with the desire to bring quality, safe and effective services to customers, beauty salon is proud to be a unit with many years of experience operating in the field of beauty care, a team of skilled doctors and technicians with high expertise can meet all customers’ needs for beauty care services.

Beauty salon

Beauty salon was licensed by the Department of Health to operate at 04/GPNHN.TM to open a cosmetic and dental clinic at 515 Dien Bien Phu, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. With us, customers can experience benefits that not all salons can meet and we are committed to bringing the highest satisfaction to customers.

Beauty salon

The largest base system in the South beauty salon has its head office at 515 Dien Bien Phu, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, this is one of the largest facility systems in the South. The infrastructure system is invested in a monumental and modern way with a system of machinery and technology imported and transferred from advanced countries, leading in the field of beauty such as Korea, the US. , English French…

Beauty salon

A team of leading doctors and a team of highly qualified technicians, many years of experience in the field of beauty care, are always trained to improve their skills committed to bringing satisfaction. highest level for customers about the services that the beauty salon provides.

Modern luxury space
The space of beauty salon is designed in a luxurious and modern style. The operating room is built according to the standards of cleanliness and sterility according to the standards of the Ministry of Health about the operating room to ensure the safety of customers. The skin care and treatment room is equipped with modern machines, harmoniously designed to ensure light and green space to bring comfort to customers when using the service like at our house. me.

Beauty salon

Modern advanced technology
The services that the beauty salon provides are applied with modern advanced technologies in the world to ensure effective results for customers. Some typical services that the beauty salon is providing to you must be mentioned.

Proprietary technology helps to rejuvenate the skin
Skin care: basic skin care, advanced skin care, body massage
Treatment: red vein treatment, melasma treatment, allergy treatment, acne treatment, pitted scar treatment.
Plastic surgery: dimple cheeks, eye fat removal, eyebrow lift, eyelid pressing service, nose lift.
Filler: create heart lips, lift chin, lift nose sline, pitted scars
Core Values We Create
The core value that we want to bring to our customers is the youthful rejuvenation on each skin caused by environmental factors, age, stress, fatigue… We are committed to Returning to you the inherent beauty that you enjoy by your perfection is an honor for the values we create in this life.

Beauty salon beauty salon is a trusted destination for women
You just need to be beautiful, let take care of everything, because we will always accompany you to regain the perfect beauty that you already have. We will make your dreams come true, contact us if you want to experience the combination of Asian beauty and the world’s beauty science and technology.